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Brief BIO:

Anna Pikos was born in 1983 in Poland.
Studied Landscape Architecture in Warsaw.
For several years (2010-2017) was involved in making functional and artistic ceramics. Cooperated with clients in Eastern Europe, especially Poland, Germany, Austria and Denmark.
In 2019 she started her interest in painting, especially surrealism and abstraction. She best express herself through acrylics, oil pastels and from 2021 also digitally.

So far cooperated with:
– Galeria Bez Nazwy, Warszawa, Poland,
– BeArte Gallery, Karlslunde, Denmark
– Bellotto Art Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
– Spectrum Art Gallery, Centerbrook, USA
– Yegorov Gallery, Kraków, Poland
– Xanadu Auction House and Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
– 3U10 Investment Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
– Onamoon Studios, Wrocław, Poland

Published in:

– Average Art 03.2020, UK
– Juste Milieu 06.2021, USA
– Wild Roof Journal 08.2022, USA

Contact: annapikos.art@gmail.com